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Zubovici are a very characteristic settlement considering they are located in a bay, next to the sea, but at the same time at the foot of the hill called "Kozje Brdo" (Goat hill). This specificity makes it more special and interesting. The bay is very calm, the sea is clean, and the beach is sandy and very large. On one side lies the  beach "Veli Žal," and on the other side of the settlement is the harbor where you can anchor smaller ships. Together with several other smaller settlements in the vicinity Zubovici  makes an area called Barbati. All settlements are very similar and are ideal for rest and relaxation. Given that the settlement  is located in the field and on stone, it's perfect for families with children. It can also be visited by younger people that can enjoy swimming and sun during the day and head to the beach Zrće in the evening, where they are guaranteed a really good time. Zrće is situated approximately 10 minutes of driving away from Zubović. As in all other places on the island, the inhabitants are proud of their gastronomy, especially the seafood, lamb, cheese and wine. The village has two restaurants where you can taste it all, although we have no doubt they you will be offered by your hosts first. There are also two bars, which held commemorative events. One is by the sea, on the beach, and the other is on the main road. You can find accommodation in apartments, rooms or private homes.

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Distance from bigger centres

Zubovici - Makarska. 271km, Zubovici- Split: 221km, Zubovici - Pula: 234km, Zubovici - Rijeka: 135km, Zubovici - Zadar: 84km, Zubovici - Šibenik: 156km, Zubovici - Dubrovnik: 444km, Zubovici - Zagreb: 272km

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