It is situated east from Novalja at the location of former Roman settlement, which was, according to a legend, devastated in the 4th century. Its remains can be found in the vicinity of the beach and at the bottom of the sea. There is also a sand sea access. The sea bottom is very steep and that makes the beach seem very deep. There is also a tourist offer at the beach and some recreational contents.


Beach Zrće is situated south- east from Novalja and there is a special story about it. It is the most beautiful and the most attractive Novalja beach. Its costal part is a spacious pebbly surface which can fit several thousands of tourists during the season peak. Sea entrance is also pebbly and due to its steep sea bottom the beach is very deep. There are many sports- recreational as well as entertainment contents at the beach along with an excellent catering service. Attractively decorated venues provide you a night long entertainment. Thanks to the strivings of the Croatian tourist community and the “Plavi cvijet” (blue flower) media, beach Zrće was pronounced the most beautiful and the best set beach in the Adriatic for the year 2002. With its exquisite natural beauties, capacities and contents beach Zrće satisfies all strict criteria of the European trust for environment education, so that since the summer 2003 it also has the blue flag. The beach is two kilometres away from Novalja and it has a big parking lot. During July and August there is also a public transport that connects Novalja with the beach.

Beach Straško and the Camp are located south from Novalja in a wide bay overlooking the open sea. The beach is 1, 5 km long and after a short rocky sea entrance there is a sandy sea bottom.

Barničevica is situated directly next to Straško. This beach is also very long and in its hinterland you will find a place called Gajac. It has good gastronomic offer and some recreational contents. All other contents are several meters away from the beach.


Planjka (Trinćel)
This beach is north from Novalja, along the south-east coast of the Stara Novalja bay. It is covered with fine sand, it is warm and shallow and excellently arranged. It has a gastronomic offer and various recreational contents. Because of its beautiful decoration and conditions it has a blue flag since 2004. Thanks to the Croatian tourist community, Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the “Plavi cvijet” and “Turistički cvijet” media, the beach won two awards in 2006- for the most beautiful and the best decorated beach in the Adriatic.


It is a local beach of the town Novalja, situated by the south edge of Novalja bay. It is a pebbly, shallow and warm beach with a green line which makes it pleasant place to rest and refresh during hot summer days.



The beach lies in the shallow bay west from Novalja. This is the shallowest and warmest of all Novalja beaches, with fine and narrow costal line. You can only walk to the beach and there are no catering or sports- recreational contents on it.
(SOURCE: tz novalja)

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