Pag, Croatia - holiday information

Pag Croatia – visitor information

Salt, cheese, lace, lamb and herb-just a few words but words that can tell the whole story about the city. The town of Pag is one of the most interesting places on the island and has a long cultural and historical value. From a city that has gone through a lot of history until now, a very nice tourist spot developed. Known by the already mentioned delicacies, it is certainly worth your visit. Come to the town of Pag, and not try the cheese produced by local residents in the city saltpans or not to try the local lamb will be as if you had not even visited. Pag lace made by ​​women of Pag is listed in the UNESCO intangible heritage. It should also be mentioned that the city of Pag is rich in mud, which helps in the treatment of various rheumatic diseases, especially among the elderly. Therefore it is ideal for the elderly, but also for families with children and young people. Kilometers of beaches with crystal clear waters will give you an opportunity to enjoy a day in the sun. If you are a little bit more active, you can engage in water sports such as scuba diving or windsurfing on the beaches. Besides water sports, you can go on a bike ride on bike paths throughout the island or do sport climbing. Pag cliffs are very interesting to anyone engaging in this sport. Pag is also a harbor and an anchoring spot because it is well protected from the wind, even from bora.
During the summer season the city hosts numerous events and concerts called "Pag Cultural Summer". We recommend you listen to performances by some of the island's choirs that will surela stay in your memory. For those who love culture we recommend coming on the 15th of August, when the city celebrates the Feast of the Assumption. Locals traditionally go on a procession to the Old Town, where the Franciscans built a monastery in the 16th century, with preserved walls you see today. Speaking of events in the city, we must mention the Pag Carnival the winter one and the one taking place in the summer. Winter carnival has a much longer tradition, while the one in summer is intended for tourists and lasts only one day. From other landmarks we recommend you visit the permanent exhibition of Salt, Governor's residence from the 15th century and the city tower, the only one of the nine that remained, the Benedictine monastery, the church of St. George, who is also the patron of the city and a little outside the settlement, you can see the stone walls in drywalling technique. Also outside the settlement, you can climb to the Lookout, which offers a breathtaking view of the sea. As for the  night life you can choose between restaurants, bars and cafes. One of the most famous club is "Vanga" and restaurants that we recommend are "Natale" and  "Diogen". You can find accommodation in private rooms and apartments, holiday homes, guesthouses and hotels.

Pag – basic information

Pag – population: 2500, distance to the nearest place: 0km, nearest possible access to the bay: 0m, Pag - day/ saint: saint : Sv. Juraj, 23.04.

Distance from bigger centres

Pag - Makarska. 0km, Pag- Split: 190km, Pag - Pula: 253km, Pag - Rijeka: 139km, Pag - Zadar: 68km, Pag - Šibenik: 126km, Pag - Dubrovnik: 0km, Pag - Zagreb: 321km

Possibility of accomodation

private accomodation, apartments, rooms, hotels, family hotels, pensions, motels, camps



Facilities and authorities

self-service shops, bakery, gas station, post office, bank, exchange office, internet caffe, bus station, farmacy, souvenir shops, dental practice, market, fishmorgen's

Sport's and recreative offer

football field, mini-football field, volleyball in the sand, tennis court, rent a motor, rent a bike, water scooters, rent a boat, diving school, walking, jogging tracks, waterslide, routes for cyclists

Gastronomic offer

restaurants, traditional croatian taverns, pizzerias, fast food restorants

Night life

disco club, night club, musical evenings in the town

Additional offer

congress centre, extreme sports, rafting nearby, croatian national park nearby, croatian natural reservation nearby, organised trips to nearby destinations, organised trips to nearby islands, organisation of entertaining and cultural events by the tourist board, organisation of fishermen's nights, marina in the nearby, nautic tourist port in the place

Pag – why choose this destination

clean sea, beautiful beaches, beaches in the place, nudistic beaches, rich gastronomic offer, peace and silence in the place with no big crowd, rich cultural life in the place (exibitions, shows, music evenings), organisation of cultural summer, place rich with cultural and histirical monuments, interesting diving sites, interesting wind surfing sites, long cycling routes and walking tracks, possibility for training preparations of sportsmen, possibility for organisation of congresses, possibility for departures on interesting trips, possibility for sailing around islands, possibility for pilgrimage trip, possibility for getting familiar with the life of people and local customs

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