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Metajna is a small town located in a bay in the central part of the island. On one side it is surrounded by hills, and on the other by the sea and vegetation. Near Metajne is an area that is completely bare and uninhabitable, but rich in medicinal herbs and so the locals take their sheep there to graze. Since the bay is quite closed, the sea is still perfect for swimming. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy nature, peace and quiet and have privacy. During the summer season, it is always fresh and very pleasant. It is  mostly visited by families with children and friends who escape from the noise of the big city. In the village you will be, apart for the nature and the beautiful blue sea,  thrilled with  very kind hosts from which you will be able to sample some of the island's local specialties such as cheese or lamb, seafood and local fruit. In addition, they will certainly offer you some home-made wine, given that it is a place rich in vineyards cultivated by local residents. They are especially proud of žutica (wine). All these dishes you can try in restaurants and bars in the village, you can find accommodation in apartments, rooms and houses. There is a rich source of mineral water, and the beach nearby is covered in mud that helps in the treatment of rheumatic diseases

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Distance from bigger centres

Metajna - Makarska. 274km, Metajna- Split: 224km, Metajna - Pula: 238km, Metajna - Rijeka: 139km, Metajna - Zadar: 87km, Metajna - Šibenik: 160km, Metajna - Dubrovnik: 447km, Metajna - Zagreb: 275km

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