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Dinjiska Pag, Croatia – visitor information

Dinjiska is a small tourist resort located in the bay as are most places on the island of Pag. It hasmany secluded beaches, ideal for couples or families with children. The beaches are very nice, the sea is very clean, and the nature beckons you to visit. With friendly locals, who will surely offer some of the local specialties of Pag, you will feel right at home. The villagey and its surroundings are ideal for hiking, biking, jogging or riding a boat. In Dinjiška you can see an old abandoned salt works, dating from the time of French dominion. In the center you can see the church of St. Maurus, which was originally built in the 14th century, but it has changed fundamentally in the 16th century. Near the village there is an ornithological reserve "Velo blato", which is worth a visit. Accommodation can be found mostly in private rooms and apartments or homes. The town has a few restaurants and cafes where you can sample local food and drink.

Dinjiska – basic information

Distance from bigger centres

Dinjiska - Makarska. 225km, Dinjiska- Split: 175km, Dinjiska - Pula: 394km, Dinjiska - Rijeka: 293km, Dinjiska - Zadar: 38km, Dinjiska - Šibenik: 111km, Dinjiska - Dubrovnik: 398km, Dinjiska - Zagreb: 291km

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