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Caska Pag, Croatia – visitor information

According to some data Caska is the oldest settlement on the island of Pag. Beneath the surface of the sea there is a sunken Roman town Cissa, making it attractive for all lovers of archeology and history. The place is located in a large bay with a beautiful sandy beach on the west side of the island. It can be reached by road and by sea, if you have your own boat. Although it is not far from the famous beach Zrće, where you are guaranteed a full night's entertainment, Caska is a place that will provide shelter from the constant noise and crowd, where you can relax and fully enjoy the nature and clean sea. Town has several restaurants and cafes where you can refresh yourself and try local specialties of Pag, such as lamb, cheese or various seafood. Given that this is a place in the bay, all the houses by the sea, and the owners are offering accommodation in rooms and apartments or houses, if you want your own privacy. Nearby are some other smaller settlements such as Zubovići or Kustići so you can always visit them as well.

Caska – basic information

Distance from bigger centres

Caska - Makarska. 265km, Caska- Split: 215km, Caska - Pula: 229km, Caska - Rijeka: 130km, Caska - Zadar: 78km, Caska - Šibenik: 151km, Caska - Dubrovnik: 438km, Caska - Zagreb: 266km

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