The island of Pag – events worth attending


During the year Pag always has something going on, especially during the summer months, so we recommend you visit some of the events:

LUN olive festival - an event that takes place in May and promotes the settlement of Lun on the Island of Pag, which is rich in wild olive forests that are a couple of thousand years old.

Zrce - Pag's famous beach with 24 hour entertainment in clubs Papaya, Aquarius and Calypso that are open from June to September with the participation of world-known musical stars:


Novalja Cultural Summer - starts on the 13th of June on the day of St. Anthony and is characterized by cultural - artistic, entertainment, sporting events, theater productions, dance groups, art exhibitions, etc.

Exhibition of Pag sheep and cheese - an event that takes place in the first weekend in July, and within which along with expert meetings and cheese tasting in the competitive part of the event prizes for the best and highest quality sheep cheese are handed out.

Carnival (Mesopust) – a summer Carnival, which takes place in late July in the town of Pag since the sixties of last century. Carnival is intended mainly for foreigners and usually lasts for one day:


Pag summer festival – an event established in 1999. The initator was the famous pianist Lovro Pogorelic. The event takes place in early August, when at various locations such as the cathedral square, the atrium of the Rector's Palace, etc. you can be a participant of concerts on which domestic and foreign musicians, folk ensembles, etc perform.

Pag slave – a folk drama which is preserved as a part of the tradition of Pag, and talks about the purchase of an imprisoned girl. The play is performed frequently during the summer and during several occasions.