Pag, Novalja – excursions and nearby destinations


The island of Pag is a very good area so that iis on a very good location from where it is possible to go on numerous excursions. There are several national parks, big cities, and other islands in the vicinity.

- Plitvicka jezera National Park- the most visited and the oldest Croatian national park. Characterized by 16 beautiful lakes, waterfalls, rich flora and fauna, cultural heritage, and more. The park is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage. There, in addition to sightseeing, you can engage in various sports activities like walking, hiking, cycling, skiing, boating and more. It is 66 km away from the island. All information on prices and opening hours can be found here.

- National Park Kornati – a group of islands, islets and rocks. According to some, the most beautiful national park in Croatia. In the park you can see numerous cliffs, climb to one of the lookout points that provide a beautiful view of the sea and nearby islands, you can go scuba diving and explore the underwater beauty, you can see the stone walls, the remains of fortresses and churches alike. The park is open year-round, and you can reach the island in the arrangement of some of the local tourist agencies. All detailed information can be found here

- National Park Krka - you can visit the park all year round. The park is rich in natural and cultural beauties such as waterfalls, plants and animal species, caves and more. The most famous and most visited part of the parks is Skradinski buk that will captivate you wiht the beauty of its cascade. The most impressive way to reach the park is by boat from the town Skradin because even on the way you can see some of the beauties that await you. Inside the park there is a beautiful little island Visovac with a Franciscan monastery and church. All details can be seen here.

- National Park Paklenica - this national park can be reached via Zadar or from the ferry port Zigljen. Located at the foot of the Velebit mountain it is rich in plant and animal species, pits and caves, canyons and more. The area is great for hiking and climbing. All detailed information can be seen here.

- Nature Park Telascica – the park is located in the southern part of Dugi otok, and is adorned with numerous cliffs and lake Mir, which has medicinal properties. Telascica is located in a bay that is actually the largest natural harbor on the Adriatic coast. You can reach the park with a rented or personal boat. All information can be found here.

Given that Pag is connected to mainland by a bridge, you can easily reach the major cities, especially Zadar, which is only 78 km from Pag. Zadar is an ancient Croatian city that oozes history and culture. It is definitely worth a visit and learning something, if you choose to go to Zadar, don't forget to have a good time in some of the bars and clubs, or try the very tasty local food in one of the numerous restaurants. In the local tourist offices you can inquire about tours around the island, or around the island. You can also go on a day trip with smaller boats to nearby islands Mali Losinj, Silba, Olib or Rab.