Entertainment in Novalja and other settlements


The island of Pag is ideal for young people looking for fun, adventure and a crazy night out. There lies the most famous beach with good parties knwon all around the Adriatic, and many rank it among the most famous in Europe. Titled "Croatian Ibiza", while in fact her name is Zrce. On the beach there are 3 clubs, of which the most popular is Papaya and Aquarius. Nearly all well-known DJs from around the world visited this beach. Have fun at any time of day or night, you just have to be relaxed and in a good mood to fully experience the atmosphere. View  the atmosphere here:


If you want to cool off in the hot summer days and nights, you can do son on the beach or in the swimming pools located within the clubs. Zrce is situated approximately 3 km from Novalja. You can set off wiht your own car, on foot or by bus that goes from Novalja very often, and the fare is around 10 kn in each way. In larger settlements on the island, such as Novalja and Pag there are several cafes and bars where you can have fun or at least get started for further entertainment.

Thus, in Pag the most famous club is Vanga. You can enjoy the club all night long, with the rhythms of many international hits. Often parties are organized thematically, so you always have something for everyone, whether it's hits from the 70th's or 80th's, house or after beach parties and the like.

Several other bars where you can listen to good music or dance to some of the rhythms are also in the settlement. One of them is a coffee bar Tornado, which has a long tradition, not only in the city but also on the entire island. Besides, you can enjoy a large number of drinks, you can order some of the ice cream cups or cocktails that are being prepared by the owner himself. Additionally, you will be amazed with the warmth and hospitality of the host.

As for Novalja, the most famous club is the disco bar Cocomo. The bar is very popular with locals and with tourists. It offers a wide selection of beverages, with the most popular domestic and international hits.

For those looking for a more quiet entertainment, we recommend a walk. During the summer season on Pag you can always find some events, whether it's a choir performances, carnival, evenings spent dancing and the like. You can sit in one of the cafes or restaurants along the sea, with a terrace, relax in tranquil music and the sound of the sea and let the romance.