Potocnica, Croatia - holiday information

Potocnica Pag, Croatia – visitor information

A weekend resort on the island of Pag. Located between Novalja and Lun, Potocnica lies on two bays. The bays are sandy and ideal if you have children because there they can play freely, and you can relax without fear. In fact the whole place is great for families and friends who want to enjoy the peace and solitude, away from big cities and busy lifestyle. Also kind hosts will help you in your quest for tranquility and make you feel at home, which is great when you're on vacation. If you are young and looking for fun, a little bit further is the beach Zrće, known for good clubs and entertainment. While here you can spend the day, relaxing in the sun, enjoying the very clean sea and the vegetation that surrounds the place in the evening you can head out for Zrće and party until dawn. Some 10-kilometers from Potocnica is the town of Novalja where you can go on an excursion, try the local specialties in some of the restaurants and cafes or simply recreate. Novalja offers greater choice of entertainment and sports, and it is thus more visited. For a perfect vacation without a lot of people and  crowd, we recommend Potocnica. Accommodation can be found in almost every home, be it apartments, rooms or houses.

Potocnica – basic information

Potocnica – population: 6

Distance from bigger centres

Potocnica- Split: 225km, Potocnica - Pula: 246km, Potocnica - Rijeka: 139km, Potocnica - Zadar: 85km, Potocnica - Šibenik: 155km, Potocnica - Dubrovnik: 421km, Potocnica - Zagreb: 236km

Possibility of accomodation

private accomodation, apartments, rooms


sandy, stone

Facilities and authorities

self-service shops

Gastronomic offer

restaurants, pizzerias, saloons

Additional offer

croatian national park nearby, croatian natural reservation nearby, organised trips to nearby destinations, organised trips to nearby islands

Potocnica – why choose this destination

clean sea, beautiful beaches, beaches in the place, secluded beaches, rich gastronomic offer, peace and silence in the place with no big crowd, possibility for departures on interesting trips, possibility for sailing around islands, genuin gastronomic offer nearby, possibility for getting familiar with the life of people and local customs